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Article: What is Perfume Oil?

pheromone perfume oil

What is Perfume Oil?

Maybe we are a bit conditioned by television-watching, but everyone knows that perfume should come in a spray. How else can you spritz it into the air and walk into it, or apply it quickly to your neck and wrists? It’s a strong image and makes sense. However, using perfume oil instead is a practical, personality-based decision.

What is Perfume Oil?

All perfume sprays or mixes are made up of two essential ingredients: perfume oils, and alcohol. Depending on the ratio of oil to alcohol, your perfume can last anywhere between 2 hours to 24. In other words, by using perfume oil, you are simply using the most concentrated form of a perfume.

Perfume oils are also often called fragrance or body fragrance oils.

Why Choose Perfume Oil Over Sprays?

On a Practical Note

Perfume oils and sprays have their own different charms. One appeal of the spray is that the scent is sharper, more noticeable right away. The scent also tends to follow its wearer you around, like an invisible cloud. There are certain events, meetings, or dates where it would benefit us to call attention to ourselves, much like using bright lipstick or a stunning dress.

On the other hand, the subtlety of perfume oil has the ability to take others off-guard, to catch their attention only when they are near enough to speak or interact with you. It makes for a good conversation-starter if you receive a compliment. On the practical side, oils are a good choice when you don’t want to draw too much attention, for example as a nurse or a service provider.

It Comes with Personality

Practicality or no practicality, the choice of a perfume scent almost always hinges on a woman’s preference. And preference has a whole lot to do with personality. When you are wearing a scent you like, you’ll notice the compliments are more passionately given, because they know you are wearing a scent you enjoy.

Let’s Get Down to the Details

Perfume oils have a more consistent scent. If you know your perfumes, you know there are three notes, or scent combinations, in one perfume. That first sharp sniff is the top or head note, that medium fragrance an hour later is the middle or heart note, and that solid, quiet scent at the end of the day is the base note. Perfume oils are one consistent blend; what you smell is what you get.

Perfume oils are the more affordable option. Because perfume oils by default have less ingredients, a small bottle of perfume oil will give you more value for your money than a small bottle of mixed perfume. Also, you waste much less oil because it does not come out in a spritz that loses half the perfume. A drop, renewed once or twice, is usually the norm.

Perfume oils are healthier for your skin. Alcohol, the main ingredient of any perfume, dries the skin. Constant application may cause some damage, however minimal. Perfume oils, on the other hand, are automatically moisturizing. With a drop or two a day, your skin will experience much less damage and even some restoration.

Do We Recommend Perfume Oils?

We’ve given you the pros and cons, now it’s time for you to decide. After all, like we said, the use of sprays and perfumes is very much a matter of personality, which means you make this move. But whether you want to use perfume or perfume oil, we have you covered. 

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