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What Does Vitamin E Do for Your Skin?

Vitamin E has been around since before there was any such thing as skincare. Salespeople and enthusiasts alike are glowing in their praise. However, just because the word “vitamin” is in the title, it doesn’t mean the entire diagnosis  or prescription is correct. What does Vitamin E do for your skin?

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a vitamin that is used by a number of organs in the body to function. It acts as an enabler of different tasks and functions including blood flow, brain activity, and healing. However, its main attraction to the skincare world is its quality as an antioxidant, which (you will see in the next section) promotes regeneration and healing.

What Vitamin E Can Do

Vitamin E can function as a fighter of free radicals. Free radicals are unpaired compounds that are the natural result of our bodies breaking sugar into energy. They can also been thrown at our skin via the sun and pollution. These compounds need stability and an element to bind to. The answer is antioxidants, which Vitamin E has in abundance.

Because Vitamin E is defensive, it can protect already damaged skin from experiencing more damage. It can also protect healthy skin from incurring any kind of damage. This gives the skin time to healthily regenerate and develop.

This is also the reason Vitamin E is often used as a moisturizer, when in its oil form. The oil and the qualities of the vitamin combined have a natural moisturizing, healing effect. This also means it provides relief from eczema, pain and irritation due to dry and flaky skin, or redness and light injuries due to sunburn.

What Vitamin E Cannot Do

Vitamin E cannot banish acne forever. There are actually only a few forms that allow the correct purity of Vitamin E to reach your face. Using your creams at night, adding Vitamin C to your routine, and using them as part of your moisturizing regimen are some of the things you can do to lessen their potential damage and raise the potential benefits. 

Is Vitamin E Overrated?

As it is a key vitamin in various body functions and healing, definitely not. However, as a supplement, it has too-general uses, and it is not proven to target any particular disorder. As a skincare ingredient, its property as an antioxidant will definitely work to protect and heal your skin. But remember, a balanced diet with enough Vitamin E, when paired with your skincare routine, is a strong long-term solution to healthy skin and bodily functions.

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