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#1 Bestselling Colognes on Amazon

RawChemistry pheromone cologne RawChemistry pheromone oil

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Walk into any room with confidence. With our pheromone cologne, tap into true magnetism.

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Create more connection in daily life. All it takes is a dash of our pheromone-based perfume.

You deserve a daily scent that is natural, healing and invigorating, like the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest - where each and every RawChemistry bottle is thoughtfully crafted and approved by human hands.

Within each creation, submerge into natural fragrances that envelop the senses, use locally sourced ingredients and spark newfound confidence, all while pampering the planet.

It’s why RawChemistry’s been dubbed Nature’s Perfect Solution.

Our story

At RawChemistry, we are proud to be a family-owned and run business. Our journey to create the best attracting fragrances that actually work has led us here - to the deluxe creations you deserve.

fern leaves background

The Raw Promise

Every bottle and jar is crafted in a controlled micro batch to ensure top quality with the very best, natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. All vegan. Never tested on animals. After all, skin absorbs each substance placed on it, so your skin only warrants the best.

If not completely satisfied with your purchase, we refund the product 100%, including shipping. We’re that confident our blends will bring unwavering radiance to your life.

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