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Article: How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

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How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

Have you ever been offered a perfume-tester by a lady in the mall, loved the scent, and bought it on the spot? Have you ever regretted it later? Or sometimes we are given cologne or perfume by a close friend, but we end up not liking the scent. Is there really such a thing as the “right perfume”? Does it have anything to do with preferences or does body chemistry come into the picture?

Does Body Chemistry Have Anything to do with Perfume?

Yes, body chemistry definitely has something to do with choosing perfume. And it’s scientific! It has something to do with the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). The MHC is what identifies what cells are healthy and which ones are dangerous (like cancerous cells) so the body can fight it. Our MHC also subconsciously chooses potential partners on the “opposites attract” principle. The more different the MHC, the stronger a combined immune system will be.

When we pick a perfume, it usually broadcasts our MHC signature. This means it makes it easier, on a scientific level, to go with the perfumes we like.

How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry

Pay attention to the notes

Not like musical notes, but sort of like musical notes. Practically every perfume has three notes: the top note, the middle note, and the base note. You always smell the top note first. This is usually when you grab that perfume. About half an hour later, you catch the middle note, the body of the scent. The base note is a heavier scent that lasts the longest.

If you want to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry, take care to test every note before making your purchase. If you don’t like every layer, it won’t be the best perfume for you.

Pay attention to your skin type

Do you have drier skin or a more stable skin type? Believe it or not, it matters. A scent tends to disappear faster on dry skin, so you would want an oil concentrate or perfume (which has a higher concentrate of scent oil) rather than eau de toilette, for example. Eau de toilette is only 1-2% oil to water. Even if you have more stable skin, it’s an advantage—the perfume will last longer.

Does any Perfume go with Every Type of Body Chemistry?

Yes, there is a kind of perfume that goes with every type of body chemistry. And it’s also as scientific as it gets. Different scientific studies have proven that pheromones do have an actual impact when it comes to attraction, and they apply across the board. Talk about the ideal natural MHC signature-enhancer!

Most ladies pick their perfumes by fragrance—play smart and pick yours for the pheromone science behind it. This way, you know you are picking the kind of scent that will perfectly broadcast your personal signature. If you’re not sure, try one for yourself! The results will surprise you. It’s the perfect blend of science and your own personal preferences for the best possible fragrance impact.

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