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Article: What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin?

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What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin?

Before following the next big 12-step skin care regimen, you might want to take a more careful, closer look at the ingredients. Sometimes, cleaned-up skin does not mean healthier skin. Facial cleansers, acne removers, even certain soaps and oil-control liquids can take an unhealthy toll on your skin. Instead of going with the flow, go for an all-natural twist and increase the vitamins that will help you have a better skin care experience with the products you already havve.

The right vitamins, both eaten and applied, can help you get the most out of your skin care regimen. Cleansers, toners, and serums work best when they have a good skin foundation and starting point. Eating foods or supplements of Vitamin B complex, A, and D will improve the healthiness of the skin. On the other hand, our organic skin moisturizer is best when applied directly to the skin, and it sets the stage for a natural skin glow.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? It Helps Produce Collagen

Collagen is not just a big word slapped on skin care products. Collagen is the building block protein of our bodies. It is what fills out our skin, strengthens muscle and bone, and puts both structure and resilience into our bodies. Basically, it’s our body glue and we need it to hold us together and build us back up.

When introduced to facial skin topically through Vitamin C, it rebuilds and strengthens the flesh beneath our skin. It allows the skin to be firmer and also more elastic, removing wrinkles. It promotes healing of the facial skin and overall evenness of complexion and round healthiness of flesh. It fills out the spaces beneath our eyes to remove eyebags, and gives us a much younger aspect.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? It Acts as an Antioxidant

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it combats the free radicals zipping around the body and bombarding it from the outside. Free radicals are naturally produced in our bodies as oxygen is taken in and distributed to all parts of the body. They may have harmful effects unless countered and neutralized by the antioxidants, which basically stick to them so they won’t damage anything.

When there are not enough antioxidants to counter the free radicals, the damage is seen on the skin. Vitamin C counters the free radicals that affect your face, preventing damage and promoting healing on that surface. It even protects the skin from free radicals attacking from the outside. This makes it a must-have when it comes to skin care, because we face such free radicals both inside and outside the home.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? It Heals

Vitamin C has been proven to be one of the supplements that heals wounds faster. In fact, with certain other vitamins, it has been known to heal wounds 17% faster than normal. This makes it an ideal serum because it heals our skin even as the damage from radiation, sun rays, and dryness of skin begins. This constant reconstruction and healing promotes brightness and clarity of skin.

What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin? It Moisturizes

Because of its collagen-producing properties, Vitamin C can help skin retain moisture. It can be either water-based or oil-based, but the finish it leaves on the skin does not feel oily. Rather, the skin will feel velvety instead of dry. It also prevents moisture from moving from one layer of skin to the other, meaning your face will hold the moisture on it for a longer time. It prevents dry skin, and makes your other moisturizers, if you have any, more effective.

RawChemistry's Revival with Vitamin C

If you're looking to add a product to your skin regimen that is Vitamin C rich, check out our new, natural face moisturizer with vitamin C. Revival is made with all organic ingredients, and is a chemically-perfected blend of essential vitamins, which deeply hydrates, and works fast to get your skin silky smooth and soft.

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Vitamin C is not something your body produces naturally--it needs to be added. Vitamin C topically applied on the face is a much-needed, often-neglected part of our skincare regimen. Without a natural vitamin constantly renewing and refreshing our skin, the different products we rub into our face may do more harm than good. A strong foundation of different vitamins, especially Vitamin C, will give us a better and more effective overall experience with the toners, serums, and cleansers we need to apply day and night.

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