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Article: Pheromone Perfume Reviews

pheromone perfume

Pheromone Perfume Reviews

Today, there are so many sites that sell products online, and there are so many options to choose from. The problem is, without the proper knowledge, purchasing online can be more of a shot in the dark, leading to dissatisfaction. This is why a review from a verified buyer is gold when it comes to an online purchase. This is especially important in pheromone perfume reviews. There’s so much hype that what you really need are firsthand reports from the buyers themselves.

Pheromone Perfume Reviews: RawChemistry Pheromone Perfume (for Her)


This product has a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon, with over 1000 reviews.

One review from Perfectionista, comes marked as a Verified Purchase by Amazon and it’s a 5-star review. The title? First time in 10 years my husband has noticed my perfume.

“This smell is slightly powdery, musky, warm, amber, a little vanilla and a touch of sweetness. Which is exactly the smell that I am NOT in to. However, I purchased this because I read a few reviews that said it wasn't over powering and that it was really sweet. I adore sweet fruity smells, so I figured I would give it a try. . . .

On to the important stuff:

As for the pheromone fun, apparently it works at least a little. I'm a total skeptic, but I think it's a cool concept so I sprayed it on my wrist and neck the first day and got close to my husband. No response. Took a shower and went to bed. The next day at 7am he was all over me in the kitchen. Not sure if it didn't wash off or if it was just coincidence, but he was definitely more aggressive than normal. So I decided to give it another go. This time I actually sprayed it on my wrist, walked over and asked him what he thought of it and he raised his eyebrows and said "I like it". I ask him about perfumes all the time, and we've been together for 10 years. He always says "it's fine" or "it's too strong" or "I don't smell anything". So there's gotta be something to this. I decided to put more on and rub in other places and the fireworks flew. Still to be determined if it's coincidental, but it would appear that we've got something here.

UPDATE: I have continued to wear this scent and we have been flirting a ton. Last night we had company over, which he usually totally ignores me in such a case. I went to the bedroom to freshen up and I sprayed some on. When I came and sat down beside him, he immediately said out loud "Dang you smell good". This is totally unorthodox for my husband. He has NEVER complimented me on a perfume at all, as stated earlier, and he certainly doesn't get mushy in front of other people. I have upgraded this to 5 stars, because I know there's something to it. The smell just isn't that amazing... it has to be in the pheromones.”

Tried and tested over time.

Gina Park, another verified purchaser, titled her 5-star review, Not only smells divine but it works! Her review is short, simple, and to the point:

“This stuff not only smells amazing, it works!! My boyfriend is much more affectionate when I wear it! I went to a dance and the men were dancing much closer than normal. Crazy but true, it works!”

Ashley Millet reviewed the product with another 5 stars and an experiment that worked.

“I love this scent. It smells incredible on me and I've been complimented several times since I received it. I didn't tell my boyfriend that I ordered this, as a bit of a social experiment, and he couldn't stop smelling me and getting closer. He commented on the scent directly and was extremely curious about what it was. When I eventually told him, he was like "well it's working on me!"

All I'm saying is, this works really well! Can't wait to see what the men's version smells like. I'm hooked.”

We welcome you to check out our pheromone perfume page and see what other reviewers have said!

Pheromone Perfume Reviews: RawChemistry Women Oil, Pheromone-infused

RawChemistry pheromone perfume oil

Overall, this product has 4.4/5 stars on Amazon, from 994 reviews--an extremely good record. What are the buyers saying?

Verified purchaser J.H. gave the oil 5 stars and the following review.

“This oil is not greasy at all. It goes on very smooth and smells deliciously sexy. My husband rarely compliments my perfumes. As soon as I came out of the bedroom with this on, he said, "you smell really nice." Coming from my husband, that's hitting it out of the ballpark. Thank you for this great product. Will continue to use.”

JM simply tried it out and got more than she expected.

“I don't usually wear perfume at all and wasn't sure about have a fragrance with the pheromones. I have worn it several times and noticed that men are more engaged in conversations with me. I like the fragrance too. It lingers lightly after several hours. This is a good product.”

Amazon Customer, a verified purchaser, loved the product so much that she apparently typed without stopping and just hit enter with all her heart.

“I love this product. I work in an environment where I had to deal with annoying managers, and temperamental men. I am not badlooking and I am young so I am used to certain attention. However, dont be fooled. This doesn't spear me the temperament of my male coworkers. When I put this on one morning to go to work, I made sure I didnt change anything of my looks. I wanted to really test it out and not blame it on a skirt, or flashy earings. My God! One of the troubling men at my job who barely speaks to me was around me like a hawk! He offered me snacks and covered my post when I had to leave!!! This is a once in a life time happening! Also, the manager who has just one frowny face and alot of temper for everyone, said "something has changed about you, you feel different" I mean whaaaat? All the men at my work were so kind, respectful, and alwardly trying to be close to me!! It made my job sooo much easier because there was no tension, and it sure felt nice that a couple drops of this potion made my full day a smile show!!!


Check out our pheromone concentrate oil page to read reviews that our satisfied users have left.

Pheromone Perfume Reviews: Revealing Reality

We fully encourage everyone to go through reviews before clicking on a purchase. It helps you know if you’re going for the real thing or just another over-marketed product. For our products, the reviews speak for themselves.

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