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Article: What are Pheromones?

RawChemistry pheromone perfume

What are Pheromones?

In 1959, scientists discovered that female silk moths released an aphrodisiac called “bombykol” whenever they were ready to mate. The scented molecules would attract male silk moths even from several kilometers away. This was the beginning of the study of what would soon be called “pheromones,” and how they applied to insects, animals, and yes, people.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are also known as “ectohormones.” This means the source and role of pheromones are similar to those of regular hormones. However, they affect the behavior of people around them instead of just the person’s body. This is what makes them different from any hormone. They are also released to the outside, through sweat and other body odors, unlike regular hormones.

What are the types of pheromones?

Most people don’t know that there are several types of pheromones. First, there are the Releaser pheromones. Releaser pheromones are something like the bombykol released by the female moths--the response by affected creatures is instant and instinctive. Attraction pheromones are usually Releaser pheromones, because they act quickly and predictably.

Primer pheromones, on the other hand, have a definite effect on others physiologically--in other words, the change is noticeable even by others. Primer pheromones can affect hormone levels in other human beings. One of the most common occurrences of these is when women who live in the same house find their menstrual cycles aligning. They can even influence timing and rate of puberty, or the development of a pregnancy.

Signaler pheromones are those that are associated with our unique body print (something like a fingerprint, but it comes from our unique scent). Mothers and newborn babies tend to be able to recognize one another by scent because of Signaler pheromones. Modulator pheromones, on the other hand, send signals to another person’s brain that sends them messages. Sometimes it tells them to relax, sometimes to be afraid or to run.

Each of this types is as natural to the world as science itself.

What can pheromones say?

Pheromones don’t create the weird attraction-madness shown in movies and cartoons. They send a large assortment of messages. The scent of women’s tears, for example, reduces aggression in men. Sweat can tell those around them how they are feeling at the moment--afraid, for example, or alarmed. A baby knows that food and security are found only at his or her mother’s breast.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have an effect on attraction. Men and women prefer the scent of the gender identity they are attracted to. They also become more attracted to potential mates who have enough of a DNA difference to improve the next generation’s immune system--and therefore its health and the health of its children. Pheromones can say a whole lot, if you know how to use them.

What are Pheromones to the Perfume and Cologne Industry?

While animals have a special gland that lets them sense pheromones from one another, all humans have is their noses--which, as the earlier section shows, can be surprisingly sensitive. With their sense of smell, humans can be attracted to or repelled by people, they can pick a potential mate or even a potential friend. One of the male pheromones for example, androstadienone, allows men to work better with one another.

What pheromones are usually used in male pheromone perfumes, oils, and colognes?

Women are naturally attracted to male sweat (more than to other kinds) even without knowing the gender of the person when they smell it. Since we know the nose is the key to the pheromone message, let’s look at the most popular male pheromones.

Androstadienone. This pheromone makes men cooperate well with one another, and makes them more relaxed and generous when they are interacting with other men. To the surprise of some scientists, this quality made men more attractive to the opposite sex.

Androstenol. This pheromone is a natural musk that has been isolated by scientists. It makes men more attractive to the opposite sex, because the fragrant smell makes women want to approach them. However, it only naturally shows up within the first fifteen minutes of a good and thorough shower.

Androstenone. This is the scent that most men tend to carry with them, the result of sweat exposed to oxygen. It has a manly scent that works only when paired with a strong dose of Androstenol, which is the main attractor of women.

Androsterone. This is a unique ectohormone that tells other people to consider the carrier of the pheromone significant. When given off by men, it calls for respect and places them in a position of authority. It gives women a sense of security when they are with men who are giving off this pheromone.

These pheromones, when combined with a light cologne or mixed in with rubbing oil, place the most attractive male pheromones where they can be smelt and responded to. Women know a good thing when they smell one.

What pheromones are usually used in female pheromone perfumes, oils, and colognes?

It’s not only men who get to have all the fun. Women can also choose to wear pheromones that increase the sense of attraction men have towards them. Specifically, the important elements are the female pheromones estratetraenol and copulins.

Estratetraenol. This pheromone packs a punch. When the pheromone estratetraenol is activated, men become more relaxed and comfortable. They can even become more socially active, and their moods improve right away. They begin to act more protective and even more helpful. They begin to exhibit dominance, and a desire to bring the source of the pheromone with them at all times as a protective gesture.

Copulins. While the hit of estratetraenol is mostly emotional, the effect of copulins is highly focused on sensual attraction. Men exposed to this pheromone have greater confidence in their own attractiveness, which leads them to be more aggressive in approaching the women releasing copulins.

These pheromones, when worn, become the key to a much more interesting daily life for both women and men.

Pheromone Cologne: Truth or Dare?

Truth and dare! Pheromones are scientifically proven to exist and to have noticeable effects depending on what you are looking for. The real question is, will  you give it a try or won’t you?

Check out our full line of pheromone products!

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