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Article: How to get clear skin fast time for back to school

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How to get clear skin fast time for back to school

If you seek to know how to get clear skin fast naturally, it’s important to hear: You could unknowingly be stirring up acne breakouts. 

But don’t worry, getting a gorgeous glow will be easier than any Calculus class.

Thankfully, as soon as you know some of these shocking causes of acne, it’ll be easy to change a few habits for clearer skin as soon as possible. 

We’re here to give you tips on how to get your skin looking glowy & clear in time for back to school- because let’s face it: the last thing you want on your list of new classes and homework is checking the mirror in between bell rings. 

In this blog, we’re going to outline: 

  • A surprising routine you do every day, which is causing breakouts
  • The #1 habit to avoid in order to have less acne
  • A simple strategy that will have skin cleaner every single day
  • One snack that is incredible for acne + perfect for munching between classes
  • The most underrated method for healing skin 90% of students lack
  • And more

woman examining face

Cleanse in the right way

Every day we sweat and build up oil, especially when sprinting in between classes and meetings. At night, a common mistake is using an intense cleanser that tingles and feels like “scrubbing”. While over the counter exfoliators “feel” effective, most drugstore cleansers are very harsh and in the long-term inflame skin to cause more acne long-term. 

This is why we recommend using a mild cleanser to wash your face before calling it a night. 

Timewise, it’s best to lather and work in a natural cleanser for 30-45 seconds, using a dime-size of product. Work the suds into your face using either your hands or a washcloth, then rinse off for that ah-so-fresh feeling (of course, don’t be too rough on your skin, either. Be firm but gentle). 

Tip: Look for ingredients you can pronounce in cleansers, as well as all other beauty products.

Give your face a reset in the morning

While being in bed all night, asleep, may seem like skin didn’t go through much, that is not always the case. If your hair had conditioner or leftover product, that material (especially if chemical-infused) gets onto your pillow and then sits on your skin. Make sure to cleanse your face in the morning to release your epidermis from that pillow contact.

This brings us to the next point.

The quickest way to get clear skin 

The fastest route for giving skin a breather is to change your pillowcase far more often. Each day your skin may have leftover product, makeup or simply natural oils that build up and seep into the pillowcase. Changing the cloth more often will continually give pores a refresh and reduce acne.

(Find other insights on How to Prevent Acne Naturally - With No More Dermatologist Visits.) 

pillows with pillowcases

Avoid the #1 skin temptation

Try not to squeeze pimples to pop them, even when the urge is to do so. While the desire to pop is strong, releasing and breaking skin this way increases acne and scarring. This move along is a powerful way for how to get clear skin fast. 

Clean out makeup applicators

If you're like most of us, cleaning out makeup brushes is not a common chore. While we are quick to write other tasks in our planners, this tends to come last. You may not realize it, but those things can harbor lots of bacteria and induce more breakouts. 

Cleaning brushes is actually quite simple. All you need is some shampoo or gentle cleanser + some warm water. Rub in the cleanser and rinse off with warm water. Let the brush air dry. 

makeup brushes

Nibble on this food

Berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, a very beneficial vitamin to the skin. With incredible scar-healing characteristics, berries are also an easy snack to transport between classes. 

Keep beauty routines simple

Tempting as it might be, fight the urge to use too many products simultaneously; this only causes issues and exacerbate skin even further. If your current routine doesn’t have your acne healed or at bay, try a new natural form that includes many powerful natural ingredients - instead of sampling several that only have a few types of vitamins or one natural benefit - like this all-in-one natural vegan moisturizer.

rawchemistry revival moisturizer

Try to keep consistent

Great skin doesn’t tend to happen to everyone, especially amid the stress of school and late nights with (not always) healthy snacks. If you have just started your journey to better skin or haven’t found the right methods yet, it takes time, patience and being consistent. 

The “you’ve heard this before” methods

There are a few tips you have heard before in terms of overall health, but it’s important to realize these are big in helping clear acne, too.

Catch more sleep

While many of us hear about the importance of sleep, getting more Zs is a lot easier said than done, especially when it’s finals week or right before a massive project deadline. You may have noticed this yourself. If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter or got only a few hours, skin tends to lose luster. The next day skin is shinier and in need of some extra coverage. Increasing sleep helps to level out hormones that skyrocket acne and keep every other system of the body in check.

The power of hydration 

When skin doesn’t have a proper amount of moisture, it creates excess oil to give the skin moisture. Additional oil leads to more acne - and more dreaded feelings upon looking in the mirror at the school bathroom. 

This is the importance of drinking enough water. Bring a bottle to school and fill it up throughout the day to ensure skin is feeling plush, glowing and flushing out toxins that lead to more acne. 

glass of water

Protect skin from the sun 

One of the more important routes, the quickest way to clear skin, is to protect it from direct sun rays. Use a sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen on your face each day to work in protection. 

Don’t forget this vital step for clearing skin

The importance of nourishing your skin cannot be stressed enough. A high-quality vegan moisturizer with top ingredients does the job of providing your skin with some much-needed healing and even protecting against future acne. 

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