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Bliss Pheromone Infused Perfume Roll-On

Sale price$19.50

Bliss by RawChemistry is a light, delicate perfume for women with a soft and sensual undertone. A dash of Bliss by RawChemistry conjures visions of pastel sunsets, the sweet caress of ocean air, and thrill of pure romance. Wrap yourself in the loveliness of white florals and fresh honeysuckle, floating on a warm breeze. This blend of natural oils is a soft and succulent perfume for women, full of life and feminine essence.

Bliss gentle uplifts and refreshes with a graceful and bright energy with elegant light green botanicals, sophisticated white florals, seductive jasmine, comforting sandalwood, and alluring musk.

This pheromone infused perfume roll-on is designed to attract, entice connection, and boost confidence.

Crafted in the Pacific Northwest, our all-natural pheromone infused perfume delivers the incredible fragrance and highest pheromone absorption.

Bliss Pheromone Infused Perfume Roll-On
Bliss Pheromone Infused Perfume Roll-On Sale price$19.50


We created this womens perfume blend to enhance your innate appeal, with a petal-soft gentleness. Clean, green botanicals enliven the senses, and top notes of vanilla and honeysuckle offer a warm sweetness and cheer. Familiar sandalwood comforts, while musk stimulates intrigue, and jasmine entices. Allow our revitalizing womens fragrance blend to transport you to a state of Bliss - Uplifted, cheerful, and alluring.

A blend of natural oils that assist in attracting through the sense of smell
Silky Smooth, Moisturizing Blend to Increase Pheromones Absorption
The #1 Pheromone Blended Perfume Available Made in the USA


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