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Article: The Organic Oil to Heal Dermatitis on Face

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The Organic Oil to Heal Dermatitis on Face

When seeking treatments for dermatitis on face, the hunt for a cure can be frustrating - especially if you’ve tried many solutions already.

If dealing with dermatitis (eczema), you’ve attempted a variety of solutions. Whether it appears on the side of your neck, tends to pop up around the eyes and ears  - or other spots, such as the elbow and knee creases -

The dry skin and red appearance can make taking a picture or walking into a party feel less - ideal.

Thankfully, there are natural ways to treat eczema that take a completely unique approach to a lot of other “modern” medical, attempted solutions.

And know, as we walk through these natural methods to try, you are not alone.

31.6 million people throughout the US are enduring a form of eczema.

They are ready for natural solutions that truly work, just like you.

There are a few specific, totally natural methods to help - including the best oil for dermatitis. This oil is from a plant that most professionals, including dermatologists, don’t prescribe or mention.

We are going to share all this actionable information in this guide.


The #1 best oil for dermatitis

This may be an oil you’ve never heard of - and you’ll be thrilled to discover today.

The substance that delivers amazing results is → Organic jojoba oil
The National Eczema Association backs this claim, sharing of its promising results from doctors like Dr. Shi.

First, what is jojoba oil?

This is an oil derived from the jojoba plant, which is typically found in North America in the harshest of desert landscapes. It is not the leaves or plant itself that produces incredible results - it is something else.

The jojoba plant bears fruit to a nut, which hosts a dense level of incredible properties.

From the nut, the skin-transforming, precious oil is derived.

picture of nuts

What are the benefits of this substance?

The jojoba oil is ideal for treating dermatitis on face because of its incredible properties. This oil is a number of incredible things, such as the following.

It’s humectant

This wondrous oil is a humectant ingredient, which allows moisture to be sealed into the skin.  In contrast, most beauty-store lotions and even other oils “feel soothing” but do not properly absorb into the epidermis.
When this oil is applied - or a daily, skin-healing lotion containing jojoba oil is placed on the skin - it drenches the skin and maximizes healing, rather than escaping, releasing and drying out.

Anti-microbial and anti-fungal

Certain bacteria and fungi that lurk in the skin provoke dermatitis. That’s another reason jojoba oil is one of the ideal, natural ways to treat eczema - it fights against specific kinds of fungi and bacteria to keep your skin less irritated.

A collagen-stimulator

It’s thought that this oil sparks collagen production due to the antioxidants within it.

When people hear collagen, the mind often jumps to botox and its most discussed feature of filling out wrinkles. While collagen may have anti-aging properties, it is also a vital protein in the body that promotes the elasticity of the skin.

When the skin is more elastic, it is less prone to drying out and becoming brittle and irritated.

This is vital for relieving eczema across the body, including dermatitis on the face and anywhere else on the body.  


Jojoba oil is known for its healing properties, including the ability to reduce flaring inflammation that is the characteristic trait of eczema. Not only does the oil have the potential to calm down the redness and irritation of the skin’s reaction, but it also helps to soothe the want-to-scratch feelings, such as itching.


In addition, if the skin has been left with scars, jojoba oil has been thought to heal wounds, including the ability to reduce the appearance of scarring.


Another oil for healing dermatitis on the face? Avocado oil

While jojoba oil is a less known yet potent substance, you’ve likely heard benefits of avocado oil. From adding to smoothies and using for salad dressings to being utilized as a leave-in conditioner, this incredible oil has revolutionary benefits for the skin, as well.

picture of avocado

Study-backed relief

A study carried out in 2001 had participants utilize a cream with avocado oil and Vitamin B12. Across the entire 12 weeks of the endeavor, continuous improvement was seen - not only for short term improvement but ongoing transformation.

Healing from the sun

Avocado oil is thought to support the skin in relief from sun damage, which can stir up the blistering of dermatitis.

Remember, not all oils are created equal

To confirm, jojoba and avocado oils are specifically helpful - not all types of oils are. For example, olive oil can have a negative effect on the barrier of the skin.


The easiest ways to apply both oils, in a simple, non-messy way

One trepidation most people have is the “greasy” application of handling bottles of oils and applying the proper amount across the entire face evenly.

An ideal option is to utilize a cream, one that’s all-natural, to smooth the benefits of both oils across the skin, such as this decadent yet affordable lotion for soothing dermatitis on face and body.


In addition, how to reduce the level of flare-ups

Topical options, such as organic jojoba oil and avocado oil, have been shown to make a massive impact on the status of skin once irritation has occurred.

In addition, the continued application of the oils (or natural product containing them) will help to seal in hydration and soothe the skin - before inflammation can become too severe.

To further help, consider these factors, as well.


What affects dermatitis, besides skincare

While topical treatment is going to have a massive influence on the state of your skin, external and nutritional factors are vital factors.


In one study, the majority of those surveyed with skin conditions reported that their dermatitis worsened after periods of intensive stress. Although we may not be able to control all external elements in life, finding ways to soothe stress and anxiety can provide relief from skin irritation. Some ideas to induce calm are →

  • Meditating, even if only 2 minutes of deep breaths in and out
  • Putting on a song you love, popping on your headphones and letting it course through your brain
  • Getting outside. Especially if work in an office a lot, get yourself out into the sunshine and breathing fresh air.
  • Looking up a video of your favorite type of animal, flying, walking or playing. It’s more challenging to feel as stressed if a video of a tiny kitten, kangaroo or pug is on.

trees in a forest

The wrong foods

Certain foods, like wheat and milk, may trigger worsened states of eczema and psoriasis - any dermatitis on face or body. This varies case to case but is powerful to be aware of, especially as it’s more common than many people realize.

In one study, 18% of respondents said, after drinking milk, their skin worsened. In the same survey of people, 12% shared that wheat and nut kicked off symptoms.

Begin to take note that if you eat certain foods, such as dairy or hefty amounts of wheat like in bread or pasta, if flare-ups burst forth or worsen - try removing those more so out of diet.


The consistent way to take control of dermatitis

We understand that it can be challenging to decrease stress levels, especially if there are things in life happening outside of your control, or foods that are entrenched in your daily diet.

The good news is it is simple to control what you put on your face each day.

To manage flare-ups topically with your morning or nighttime routine.

The easiest way to find relief (with the best oil for dermatitis - and avocado oil) and be able to use morning and night? An effective moisturizer like this vegan, game-changing cream packed with jojoba oil and other healing, hydrating vitamins.

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