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Article: The Ethical Mother’s Day Gift Guide - Updated for 2020

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The Ethical Mother’s Day Gift Guide - Updated for 2020

Finding the perfect gift for mom can be hard, especially when you want it to be eco-friendly and ethically sourced. That’s why we’ve created this Mother’s Day Gift Guide - for ethical gifts.


  • You want to focus on sustainability and supporting the environment...but know more consumerism can lead away from that
  • Have a mom or mother in your life who loves her trips to Whole Foods, tries to buy organic - and has a deep passion for wellness in her life

Whether it is one or both of the scenarios above, you are on a mission - to find a sustainable, ethical gift that mom will love.

To help make the journey - this brambled-filled path that is gift giving - easier.

In this comprehensive guide for gifts, you’ll see a variety of options.

For the ethical woman who loves makeup - and animals

It’s shocking to find out how many beauty products, from skincare to lipsticks, are connected to animals. That is why we are sharing some top vegan, cruelty-free makeup products and cosmetics.

Vegan, anti-aging skin cream that reduces redness, unlike ANY other in existence - This natural moisturizer is excellent for dry skin and, due to its breadth of ingredients like aloe vera, vitamins and minerals, has a wondrous anti-aging effect. Not only that, this Raw Chemistry vegan cream is known to help with rosacea and other skin challenges.

revival moisturizer

Cruelty-free, vegan nail polish for at home manicures - Finally, mom can feel excellent about doing her nails at home because this nail polish is completely vegan. This NCLA lacquer collection is certified cruelty-free and absolutely stunning.

For the coffee lover

Perhaps you grew up with the aroma of roasting coffee beans. You’d wake up each morning - and walk into the kitchen to the sound of the pot brewing. If caffeine is your mom’s good friend - here is a great ethical brand to consider.

Percol Coffee - Proclaimed to be “coffee on a mission”, this brand is known as a pioneer in the fair trade coffee business. Percol Coffee is working towards being plastic-free, as well as using recyclable packaging whenever possible. There’s nothing quite like sipping a delightful latte - yet even better knowing it’s ethically sourced.

For the homebody

If your mum is the type to choose a night in over a happy hour out on the town - or simply needs more relaxing time for herself, let’s help give her the spa-like experience she deserves. Find a variety of spa-like treats and home decor here, below.

Irish vegan candles, that aren’t beeswax or soy - There is an up and coming item in the candle world, rapeseed wax. Not only does rapeseed wax burn longer (making the product last longer) - the Killarney Candle Makers of Ireland is family run and crafted in the beauty of Ireland.

Lavender, organic essential oil - Right before bedtime, applying a touch of lavender essential oil or diffusing it through a room adds a lovely aroma of relaxation. Encourage mom to use some, before curling up under the covers with a favorite book.


For the mom who deserves a splash of confidence

Maybe your mother is the type who is always giving to others. Focused on everyone around her, you want to show her she is important, loved and worthy of self-care. Help her remember she is amazing and deserves an extra special fragrance for her incredible self.

The most incredible perfume - Most scents on the market are packed with chemicals, which aren’t helping our sacred environment. This incredible perfume spray is not only natural - it utilizes pheromones, which make it smell a little different to each person, adapting to whatever scent they find most wonderful.

RawChemistry perfume

For the evergreen woman

If your mom has been wanting to cut down on use of plastic, bring her own bags to the grocery store and avoid straws like long lines at Costco - the gifts below will be some fantastic options for her.

Reusable straws - Instead of mom having to get plastic straws in her iced coffee, explore a variety of wonderful (and gorgeous) straws mom will be so proud to carry around.

Reusable food wraps, as a saran wrap alternative - Not only is saran wrap frustrating to use, it creates immense waste in the environment and when gets in the ocean, harms marine animals. Thankfully, BeesWrap invented these food wraps made from, yes, beeswax. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of adorable patterns.

For the fashionistas, who cares about eco & fair trade

In the modern world, there is a shocking level of “fast fashion”. With clothes being made faster and cheaper than ever before, there is also a shocking level of waste - and unfair labor behind mass production.

If your mom is the type who already knows this - and vehemently wishes to support the brands that put true time, care and love into their products - the brands below are perfect to explore.

Raven + Lily - This brand’s founder is passionate about slow fashion, intentional living and providing an opportunity for women around the world. The pieces are stunning - from their earrings to the purses - and also have a focus on fair trade, were handmade by women and working towards carbon neutrality.  

Kind Karma Co. – Every necklace here is made with a 14 KT gold-filled chain. Not only are the pieces beautiful, the brand hires at-risk homeless youth in their neighborhood, Toronto, to craft the jewelry. The sales support these ladies and gentlemen going to school, securing housing and enrolling in art therapy. Each purchase helps break the vicious cycle of poverty - and looks amazing on her. (With most bracelets priced at $28 and necklaces between $45 and $50, the prices are fantastic, too.)


For the woman who isn’t Madonna’s “material girl”

Know it’s okay to put a focus on gifts that aren’t necessarily tangible. Here are a few options for the woman who is happy to accept a gift that isn’t wrappable.

  • A virtual gift card to her favorite coffee shop
  • A membership to a nearby museum or other establishment
  • Tickets to a play in the area

For the food lover

If there’s one thing your beloved mom loves to do, it is craft a recipe that can be enjoyed with her loved ones. Show her you acknowledge both the traditional recipes - and her love of exploring new flavors. How? Gifts all about food - and serving it with loved ones.

Kinda Vegan: Kinda Vegan: 200 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Meatless Meals (When You Want Them) - Cutting down on meat, whether vegan or not, is an excellent way to give some love to the environment. Not only does this book have an amusing name, it offers both savory and sweet. Choose simmered coconut curried tofu...or crepes for when you’re feeling lazy. (Yes, that is the real name of the recipe!)

Most importantly, remember this

When sharing the gift, your mom is going to be so delighted by the fact alone that you thought of her. Let her know the thought and intention that went into the gift. Why you chose the company. The fact it is ethical - so she can appreciate it that much more and be so proud that she raised the type of person who cares about others and the environment!

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