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Article: How to stop psoriasis itching

psoriasis itching
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How to stop psoriasis itching

Not only can psoriasis feel embarrassing, it can be highly uncomfortable. That’s why how to stop psoriasis itching is a commonly asked question. 

In fact, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation, this kind of itch happens to 70% - 90% of all patients suffering from psoriasis. 

Psoriasis itching is not normal itching

While most people think of itching as “Oh so annoying, I have an itch right here.” 

You know that psoriasis itching is an entirely different level of discomfort. This skin conditions’ “itching” can be reported as feeling: 

  • Like a burning sensation 
  • So intense, it’s like fire ants just bit the skin

While doctors used to think the skin could only be in pain or be itching, turns out, it can undergo both sensations. With that cleared up, like we hope your skin is soon - We’re going in-depth about proven ways to give skin relief and soothe it effectively.

If you’re ready to improve psoriasis, keep reading. 

First, remember what psoriasis is

Psoriasis is a type of auto-immune disorder. As shared by Happy Holistic Health, that means the immune system is attacking your own body. For example, IBS is the digestive system being attacked by your immune system. 

In this case?

Psoriasis is your immune system getting destructive on your epidermis. 

At the core, when you have psoriasis, your body has an accumulation of toxins. When there’s an overload of toxins, your skin releases them through the skin - causing irritation, inflammation and a host of other unpleasantness. 

It’s time to give you some much-needed relief.

psoriasis itching

How to get psoriasis to stop itching 

While addressing the root causes of psoriasis is important, once the skin irritation has struck, you also want a fast, “make it better now” solution.

Here are the best ways to address the skin itching as soon as possible. (Then, we’ll get into a few “long-term” ways to address psoriasis.) 

Cut the chemicals

While you’ve likely been recommended to use creams and hydrate psoriasis, which is incredibly important, there’s a very important factor often left out. 

Make sure to choose a natural cream without chemicals.

Most common beauty products have a shocking amount of unnatural ingredients in them. Even those with the best intentions to hydrate may be layering on creams that have ingredients which actually inflame the skin. 

The best tactic to reduce itching through creams? 

Check the list of moisturizer ingredients. 

You want to see essential oils, vitamins and different types of plants. If most of the ingredients end in “oxide” or have long “phylate” type wordings, these are unnatural ingredients that do more harm than good. 

Natural, all the way. 

Take cold showers

Having cold water wash down skin helps to soothe the inflammation and create an overall sense of relaxation. 

(If the water is warm, at least try to keep the shower to 10 minutes to reduce increase flare ups.) 


Reduce, wait for it, stress

Not only does stress tend to incite psoriasis flare-ups, stress amps up the pain and itching. That is why it’s important to find ways to feel calmer and find ease, even amid difficult times. To help ward off daily stress, even during tough times, here are a few ideas: 

  • Try meditation apps like Calm or Unplug. There are guided meditations that are short as a minute or two. By having a few moments of focusing on breathing or a visualization practice, it can help take the mind off things and feel a bit more refreshed quickly.


  • Prep for days the night beforehand. When mornings start off frantic, the rest of the day tends to feel more so. To start days smooth, if not already doing so, try: 
    • Laying out clothes the night beforehand, so you don’t have to think about outfits 
    • Having breakfast and lunch as meal prepped as possible, which minimize time and mental effort 
    • Looking through the calendar the night before so you know exactly what appointments and events the day ahead holds - no surprises! 
    • On your calendar, map out all big events, including birthdays of everyone close to you. This way, we can avoid the last minute “AH I didn’t get her a gift yet!” stress that tends to creep up
  • Make more self-care time, even if brief. In this modern world, it’s more and more challenging to carve out “you” time. Even when things are busy, noticing if can take 10 minutes at bed to read a favorite book or 5 minutes in the morning when first wake up to not look at phone - These little things create a ripple of self care. 

Consider a packaged detox 

The build up of toxins being released through the skin is the major contributor to psoriasis. That’s why, with consulting with your doctor, it may be ideal to try a detox. 

There are a variety of cleanses that can be highly effective, such as: 

  • Liver detox
  • Gut detox 
  • Parasite detox - It’s thought many of us have parasites and don’t realize it. 

When these parasites and toxins have been detoxed, our body can better process the toxins and flush them out of the body - so they don’t inflame the skin!

Try a detox diet 

The modern US diet has a hefty amount of processed ingredients and foods that block up the body. 

When the body packed with toxins, our adrenals get stressed. (You may have heard the term “adrenal fatigue”.) 

Avoid processed foods like microwave meals and carbohydrates, like frozen waffles, breads and other processed wheat products. 

Try to replace that sugar-packed breakfast cereal or “healthy granola bar” (most of them have tons of sugar and additives) with a green smoothie or dairy-free yogurt with fruit. These kinds of changes will add up to a big transformation. 


Remember, the #1 way for how to stop psoriasis itch? 

To first apply a natural cream that has the most soothing essential oils and vitamins that truly nourish, even deep down through the skin’s layers.

Discover the difference for yourself, between average over-the-counter creams and a proven-to-work option → Vegan, natural moisturizer to help soothe psoriasis

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