• Revival Moisturizer Vitamin B5

    The Top 4 Vitamin B5 Benefits for Your Skin

    Vitamin B5 is also commonly known as D-pantothenic acid, a vitamin with many health effects. It’s water-soluble, meaning the body very easily breaks it down without leaving any excess particles. Vitamin B5 is a basic building block that lets our bodies use what we eat and apply on our skin to their full potential. Because …

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  • Vegan Face Moisturizers: Everything You Need to Know

    Vegan face moisturizers are not moisturizers raised on everything but meat and dairy. Instead, they are face moisturizers that are not made from animal products, and they are not tested on animals either. And for those who think it’s just a publicity stunt to pull in the vegan consumers, let’s take another look. Going Organic …

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  • Vitamin B5 Benefits for Your Skin

    Why Should You Care About Paraben-Free Face Moisturizers?

    Parabens are preservatives. Those words alone should sound alarm bells in your head. We see parabens used in shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and shaving cream. Parabens are the ingredient that protect these products from different kinds of contaminants and other outside chemicals that might make them spoil. To be absolutely fair to parabens, they were not …

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  • Body spray vs cologne

    Body Spray vs Cologne: Weighing the Pros and Cons

    It’s a hot summer day. What will you use to cool down and add fragrance at the same time? Body spray might be your first choice, but then the scent wears off quickly and so does the coolness. Cologne might be the best way to go, unless you actually do like the regular sprays that …

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  • What is the Difference between Cologne and Perfume?

    What is the Difference between Cologne and Perfume?

    Does it matter if you put on cologne or perfume in the morning? Why does cologne feel lighter than perfume? Which one should you use to a special event? Is it just your imagination that cologne is for casual daily use and perfume is for evenings and celebrations? In short, what is the difference between …

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  • do-pheromone-colognes-actually-work

    Does Pheromone Cologne Work?

    What’s all the hype about pheromones? Are they actual science, or just another futuristic sci-fi myth? More importantly, if you read a label that says, “pheromone cologne,” do you know if it would even work? Let’s answer the question. Does Pheromone Cologne Work? What are pheromones and how do they work? Pheromones are not just …

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