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Digital Marketing Specialist

Why do we need this?

In my opinion, we don't - we are successful without this person. 


However, I do believe having a Digital marketing Specialist (referred to as DMS going forward) would be advantageous for multiple aspects of our company and our future growth.


Below I will list out the potential roles and responsibilities for this individual, whoever they may be. I'll also put down some of my internal dialogue as I consider why I think we should have this person at our warehouse, or at least some hybrid WFH. Below are some of those responsibilites:

E-commerce Expertise

Social Media Mastery

Analytical Insight:

Content Development:

Other Responsibilities

How would they help us?

I put some thought into this and I think I have a good idea of how I expect this person to work with us as a team. As it stands, Kelsey is really hands on with everything and that is great, but she is busy 24/7 and I think could use some relief. While Kelsey can still work with the indies, she can also work with the DMS who can manage / own certain aspects, Social being on of them. 

If they prove their worth, potentially Kelsey can begin to dish some things off to them as we focus on other aspects. At somepoint we are going to need to start doing store / broker outreach to land PO's and that will take up Kelseys time. Not to mention supplier communications with Gillian, Eleven etc - this just helps Kelsey have a sub-manager to handle the contractors more directly.



Find and source UGC directly, and prep any neccesary shipments from the warehouse. This would take all responsibility / time off the warehouse crew, and replace Maxi.


Find & create content for Social media. Again, replaces Maxi and hopefully adds in some graphic design skill.

One example here is I wanted to start utilizing MidJourney, but Kelsey literally doesn't have time for it. The ONE MJ post we did is one of our most liked posts on MMg.


Work with indies like GH on reporting for PPC, and really hyperfocus on social ads / campaigns while Kelsey can focus on more top end stuff (UK/EU expansion, new line creation and samples, overall direction of company etc) while still reporting to Kelsey.


Assist with any light photography that may be needed - for giveaways or random social posts etc.



Average Salary

Low Range


High Range

























Overall Averages:

  • Average: $63,705
  • Low: $39,780
  • Median: $59,830
  • High: $82,320