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Article: Is rosehip oil good for your face? (And why)

rawchemistry moisturizer with rosehip oil
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Is rosehip oil good for your face? (And why)

Essential oils are becoming more and more of a buzz phrase, which is why you’ve wondered “Is rosehip oil good for your face?”

Ultimately, you desire to know if rosehip oil is actually going to positively impact your skin.

The wonderful news is yes - this essential oil is very good for your skin.

For summer, in particular, there are many (surprising) benefits to using rosehip seed oil.

In a moment, we’ll walk through why this natural ingredient is going to be your new best friend, in addition to that book and bathing suit you’ll be bringing to the next pool, lake or ocean trip.

First, what is rosehip seed oil? (Hint: NOT from roses)

This essential oil is not from the rose flower itself, which would simply be “rose oil”.

Rosehip oil is derived from the rosa canina rose bush - from the fruit and seeds of the plant rather than any floral petals.

Is it called rosehip oil - or rosehip seed oil?

Both names are referencing the same substance. Rosehip oil is simply a shorter version without the word “seed”.


Rosehip oil vs. rose oil

“Rose oil” is not a correct term, since rose oil is referencing the oil from the flower petals rather than the seed-extracted substance this post is talking about.

With that cleared up, let us get to the incredible benefits of this essential oil!

What is rosehip oil good for?

There are many positive uses for this essential oil, especially when it’s applied directly on the skin. In fact, holistic dermatologist Cybele Fishman, M.D. has the highest words of praise.

"It's one of my favorite ingredients,” says Dr. Fishman - we’ll share more as to why.

Beloved as a moisturizer good to pores

Rosehip oil is a fantastic moisturizer that does not break people out," said Dr. Fishman. “It's good for all skin types, especially dry or rosacea-prone".

Evens out skin tone

More time in the sun means more color, as well as more sunspots.

The Vitamin A in rosehip seed oil can help relieve these spots and even acne scars.

Prime for boosting skin elasticity

Environmental and everyday factors are constantly bombarding the skin, affecting its moisture.

In summer, pool chlorine, Air Conditioning and stripping of oils from outdoor activities can cause dryness (despite the seasonal sweating).

In colder months, the dry air of winter and hot showers to up body warmth leave skin dry and less elastic, too.

Rosehip oil is incredible for preventing the flaking and over-oil production associated with dried out skin.

Soothes red, irritated skin

After time in the sun, whether a day at the pool or a long walk in the sunshine, or flare up from eczema, a few drops of this essential oil will give relief. Rosehip oil is loaded with linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid and oleic acid, which are fatty acids that calm inflammation.

Beta-carotene is another treat found within this oil. As shared by doctor and author Debra Jaliman, MD, it promotes rejuvenation of healthy cells.

woman applying moisturizer in the mirror

Brightens (and even bronzes) the complexion

While many have the summer goal of working on a tan, there’s a safer (more natural) way to get some color. Rosehip oil is packed with Vitamin C, which helps to brighten the skin.

Plus, due to the deep orange-red of the oil, it’s even known to create a (temporary) bronzing glow that gives that “hint of sun” look.

Combats sun damage  

In all months, but especially summer, the skin is most susceptible to UV damage. Thankfully, rosehip oil has vitamins that help skin breakdown and rebuild the skin.

Rosehip oil is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals

Most drugstore cosmetics and lotions are loaded with synthetics, parabens and chemicals, many of which have been banned in other countries but not yet the United States.

While there are plenty of bottles labeled “moisturizing” or “good for acne prone skin” down the beauty aisle, they are much less apt to announce chemicals and their corresponding effects on the box.

What is rosehip oil good for? Well, not only your skin. This essential oil is good to your entire system.

Safe for pregnant women

Always consult with your doctor first but, overall, know that rosehip seed oil is a great alternative to chemicals that may not be advised during pregnancy.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, uses rosehip oil on a daily basis. In 2015, a source tipped off US Weekly with this information. “Kate loves the effect (rosehip oil) has on her skin.”

Rumor has it that Kate was seeking a more safe solution for while she was pregnant but decided to stay with her newfound, more natural beauty routine after.


Heals and protects from the sun

Many products that treat redness and acne, such as cystic-acne-fighting chemicals, make the skin more sensitive to sunburn. Salicylic acid is a common example. In contrast, rosehip oil helps with breakouts and even supports the skin’s barrier, protecting it from UV rays.

Good to the environment

When beauty solutions with chemicals get into the water supply or the soil, they harm the ecosystem. Because rosehip oil is completely natural, it is far safer than common face washes, toners and lotions.

How to use rosehip seed oil

Apply this oil each morning and night as part of a routine to achieve your most toned, clear and glowing skin yet.

Too much of this oil can overly coat skin, so it’s best to apply rosehip oil evenly through a diluted cream.

To make application easy (and effective), try this natural, vegan moisturizer with rosehip oil.

rawchemistry moisturizer with rosehip oil


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