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Article: How to make your skin glow like a 4th of July firework

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How to make your skin glow like a 4th of July firework

You’ve tried face masks and drugstore cleansers but still aren’t sure how to make your skin glow. With summer here, having clear skin is especially top of mind. 

  • In summer, there are more events outside sweating and swimming, which wipe away carefully placed foundation and concealer.
  • In the hot sunny days, it does not feel good to cake on makeup.
  • You want to focus energy on enjoying cold lemonade and late-day sunsets vs. looking in the mirror, frustrated with acne, sun spots or other skin challenges.

To prepare, perhaps you’ve been trying to drink more water. (Some days get challenging or don’t hit that goal, but taking in more agua is already on the list!) 

Thankfully, there are other strategies that are incredibly effective.

That’s why we’re here. 

With the exciting 4th of July celebration upon us, let’s bring a little extra joy to the holiday by sharing how to get glowing skin - now, through the rest of summer and even beyond.

Eat this, instead of, well, that

The classic saying “we are what we eat” has some truth, alas. 

As wonderful as it would be if Oreos were a health item, the foods we eat do affect our health - and our skin. 

Here are the top foods to avoid - and to munch on, including recipe ideas to bring to any 4th of July potluck or BBQ.

Avoid these foods to get clear skin

Run away from the following foods that may be dulling or inflaming your skin. 


As delicious as a Starbucks frappuccino or massive iced coffee with soy may be, caffeine can significantly dehydrate the body - including your skin. 

That being said, if sipping cold brew in a staple of your morning routine, up the water intake accordingly (or moisturize the skin topically, vegan style.) 

One warning though? 

Caffeine can up levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone affects insulin sensitivity, which can then impact skin and even weight maintenance.

picture of coffee and notebook

The #1 destroyer of collagen

As Botox has made so well known, collagen is fantastic for achieving glorious, radiant skin. 

Unfortunately, sugar is not so kind to collagen. 

To preserve collagen within your body, which seeks to plump up, smooth and glorify your skin, it’s best to diminish foods like donuts and cookies. 

Anything fried

With county fairs and “grandma’s famous…” being served, fried foods seem to be everywhere at this time of year. Deep fried Oreos and, that eternal mystery, Deep fried Kool-Aid.

"Deep fried foods lead to excess oil production within the skin," shares Rhonda Klein, MD/MPH. She goes onto share even more concerns. “Hydrogenated trans fats found in deep fried food will also have a negative impact on your complexion.”

Gluten, maybe

Intolerance to gluten can show up in many ways. One may feel fine digestion wise, however, gluten can cause inflammation in the body, which can show up through acne. If irritated pimples are an issue, try going off gluten for a few weeks and see if your skin improves. 

loaves of bread

Eat these foods for glowing skin 

The great news is that there are fantastic, delicious options that help skin get gorgeous. 


  • Rather than sour cream dip, be that beloved guest that brings guacamole to the party 

Red or Yellow Bell Peppers

  • Instead of chips, carrots and sliced up peppers are fantastic for dipping (perhaps even into that guacamole!) 

Leafy greens

  • If a potluck or party is sure to be tempting, start the day with a green smoothie packed with kale and spinach. Both of these contain beta-carotene and vitamins that help skin to look fresh.
  • Another option? Bring salad or a recipe that’s sneakily loads in leafy greens, such as a frittata with spinach or chop greens finely & incorporate them into dish like a pasta salad 

vegetables in a colander


Packed with Vitamin E, almonds helps to guard the outer layer of skin. 

  • Bring roasted almonds or whip up a salad with slivered almonds as one of the ingredients 


  • From salsas and salads to homemade pasta sauce, tomatoes are an easy (affordable) way to incorporate a skin-boosting food

Dark chocolate

  • It’s holiday time so rather than skimp on dessert, how about a homemade dark chocolate mousse? (If heavier on cocoa vs. sugar, it’s likely better than the bowl of sour candy or cotton candy at a local fair) 

Red wine

  • If safely indulging in some holiday cheers, a red wine is likely less sugar than a soda + hard liquor cocktail - plus, red wine contains Resveratrol, which is said to help reverse aging and replenish the skin 

Light up photos, like fireworks

Just as explosions of red, white and blue make the night sky glow on the 4th, your skin can have a glow that lights up photos in the same radiant, brilliant way. 

For how to get glowing skin, the real strategies are skin deep, literally.

Here are the best things to do and stop doing for glowing skin. 

Clean your phone 

This only takes 10 seconds but it so effective.

As makeup, oils and particles from the atmosphere settle onto your phone, when you pick up a call - those particles settle and press into your skin. Clean the screen with a non-toxic wipe. 

Change the pillowcase

Each night, our skin presses into a pillow for (hopefully) 8 hours. If that cloth is not continually clean, that’s layers of unwanted material pressing into your face. Try to change the pillowcase up as often as possible. 

clean room with made bed

Go natural 

The average person uses beauty products (shampoo, cleanser and such) that adds up to put more than 500 chemicals on their body - a day. 

Our skin absorbs those chemicals. In the short term, such harsh chemicals can be a quick fix to issues like acne. However, long term, these dry out and dull skin and lead to other health problems.

Even if your current products appear natural, make sure to read this → What Makes a Store Bought Beauty Product “Natural”? 

Try the right oils 

Infusing more oil into the routine may give you flashbacks to shiny-looking skin and makeup turned oily, however, certain essential oils are incredible in how to get glowing skin. 

Our top recommendations? 

Rosehip oil (which is so good for your face) 

Avocado oil 

Jojoba oil 

A simple solution for how to get glowing skin

To combine the latter advice, we recommend stocking your medicine cabinet with a proven formula that’s natural and vegan. 

The easiest way to combine rosehip oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil for clear, glowing skin? This incredible vegan moisturizer, as glorious as fireworks in the night sky.

RawChemistry face cream

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