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Article: How to Detox Your Body After Holiday Eating and Drinking

How to Detox Your Body After Holiday Eating and Drinking
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How to Detox Your Body After Holiday Eating and Drinking

Post-holiday, you want to know how to detox your body after the merry egg nog, New Year’s champagne and sugar cookies. 

We understand. 

While December is a magical time, this hot chocolate season also tends to have a lot of sugar, alcohol and not-so-healthy foods. That’s why we’re outlining: 

  • Foods that speed up your body releasing toxins 
  • A simple morning beverage that kick starts detoxing for the whole day
  • Easy ways to maximize your body’s natural detoxing processes
  • Why juicing is not the definition of detoxing (and easier ways to detox!) 

First, let’s do a quick check in on who would most benefit from detoxing. 

“Do I need to detox? “

While releasing toxins and symptoms are different for every person, here are some general signs and symptoms to look out for. If you: 

  • Have fatigue, even after a good amount of sleep 
  • Are feeling “gross” - such as having bloating 
  • See bags under the eyes
  • Are a bit foggy, finding it hard to focus and get clarity 

You’re likely a great candidate for doing some basic detox practices. Rather than share expensive detox kits and juicers, here are simple and natural ways to support your body’s natural detox.

Ways to detox naturally

These ways to detox are easy and likely items you already have in your kitchen or easy access to at a grocery store. 

How to detox your liver with food

Based on clinical research, here are thought to be some of the very best foods for detoxing: 

  • Foods rich in prebiotics: Oats, asparagus, garlic, bananas 
  • Foods with antioxidants that support detox: Broccoli, cauliflower, turmeric, dandelion, kale, grapefruit, blueberries, ginger, rosemary

In general, replacing foods that are processed or high in sugar with fruits and vegetables is already going to make a massive difference.

Sip a cup of hot water with lemon 

Lemon has Vitamin C, which helps speed up toxin release to the stomach. In addition, Vitamin C boosts the immune system. This is important because as toxins unleash, sometimes the toxins can make you feel under the weather before they exit your system.  

NOTE: Vitamin C also has fantastic benefits for getting clear, glowing skin. 

Hot lemon water also activates saliva production. Why does saliva production matter? When your body has more saliva, the extra salivation helps to break down food more effectively - making the stomach bloat less and process toxins better.

Befriend apple cider vinegar

One of the most powerful, important parts of detoxing is reducing sugar levels. Because in most modern diets, sugar levels are shockingly high. 

This is where apple cider vinegar comes in: This potent liquid helps to lower blood sugar. 

There was a study carried out in 2007 by the University of Arizona in which people with Type II diabetes have cheese before bed. One group consumed apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) along with the cheese. The other group ate the cheese solo. The glucose levels were less in the group who did take the vinegar. 

A great way to take the apple cider vinegar? Add a tablespoon to a glass of water. Stir. Drink. Ah. 

As this is a strong, highly potent drink, consult your doctor first and consider starting with a very small amount and then working up to more apple cider vinegar. 

Adjust your chewing 

A little known fact: Half of the stomach is bloated air. 

This means that a lot of toxins are trapped in the gas created and not being processed properly. If you chew gum or chew fast, such as munching popcorn rapidly during holiday movies or talking to relatives, it’s easy to eat fast without chewing intentionally. Slow down your eating. 

Ways to detox that aren’t related to food or juicing

When hearing detox, immediately we imagine juicers and a glass full of green liquid. The surprising truth is that critical points of detox aren’t about what you eat or drink. 

Up your sleep 

When your body sleeps, your brain helps to remove toxic waste byproducts, which have slowly built up during the day. If you’re not getting 7 - 9 hours of sleep, your body doesn’t have time to go through these processes - so toxins stay within your body. 

Get moving 

When your body gets exercise, whether that’s hiking, dancing, rock climbing, yoga or anything in between, there are far more benefits that simply weight maintenance.

Exercise reduces inflammation in your body. 

Inflammation affects every single anatomical system, including protection against disease and detoxification.

Exercise is also a powerful maximizer for how to detox your liver. 

Detox yoga 

When you compress and massage organs in an intentional way, the organs are prompted to flush even more effectively. These videos by Adriene of Yoga With Adriene make detoxing with yoga easy. Simply follow along! → 

Detox Yoga: for Detox and Digestions (20 minutes)

Yoga for when you overeat (13 minutes) 

Take mini stretch breaks 

During the day, whether school, work, parenting, errands or anything else, take time to stretch. Take your neck side to side. Put arms behind you, look up and let your chest open. 

Soothe your brain  

Our gut is often called the second brain. The connection behind our mind and digestion is shockingly connected. That’s why stress has such a big impact on holding onto toxins and the negative side effects that come with them. 

That’s why we recommend working in some meditation, even just a few minutes, a day. Here are some favorite meditation apps: 

Use epsom salts

Add epsom salts to a warm bath for a few reasons. 

  1. These salts are thought to draw out toxins from your body topically. 
  2. It is hard for our bodies to detox if we’re constantly on the run, being “productive” or in errand mode. By getting into a hot bath, our body is given time to slow down, pause and let our bodies work their natural release process.

    Caution: After a warm, luxurious epsom salt bath, drink PLENTY of water to rehydrate and keep flushing out the toxins. 

Detox topically 

Many people realize that cutting sugar, alcohol and caffeine will help with detoxing. The problem is that still leaves you immersed in other toxins: Everything you put on your skin. 

  • Shampo 
  • Conditioner 
  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer

If you’re still using a drugstore moisturizer, for example, that’s a pile of toxins being set onto your face and seeping into your skin all day long. 

For a natural option that’s free of chemicals and artificial ingredients, an easy switch? This proven, vegan moisturizer. 

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