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Article: Best Xmas Gifts for Mom

Best Xmas Gifts for Mom

Best Xmas Gifts for Mom

Finding the right holiday presents or best Xmas gifts for mom can be hard, particularly when you want to choose sustainable, ethical gift options. Even if your mom: 

  • Is always taking care of others and quick to put herself last
  • Is tricky to shop for (Declaring “I have everything I need!”) 
  • Doesn’t consider herself “materialistic” 
  • Has great taste that makes it hard to pick out stuff SHE will love

Choosing a gift that’ll make Mom feel special and appreciated yet also excited about something truly useful is absolutely possible. 

Thankfully, your gift shopping is about to get easier. 

We’ve done the deep digging to figure out what presents will make her light up like a Christmas tree or the holiday lights you’ve seen on houses together since childhood. 

Our list of top gifts for mom 2019 

When choosing presents for mom, you know the right type of gift will be a mix of thoughtful and (for many moms!) a touch of practical. You want something she’ll truly use - instead of love...and forget about at the back of the closet.

Depending on her personality or particularly season of life, simply find her “description” below - and see our recommended present accordingly. 

For the animal lover

If your mom is quick to stop and pet a dog - but also loves to apply a good lipstick - she’ll appreciate beauty products that are gorgeous AND good to furry friends. 

Vegan, anti-aging skin cream - that works at an unprecedented rate - This moisturizer is never tested on animals - unlike so many beauty products out there - so your mom can feel extra incredible about using it. With only natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamins and minerals, this incredible cream is vegan AND has an anti-aging effect. In addition, this Raw Chemistry vegan cream is known to help with rosacea and other skin challenges. 

Mug that says “I just want to drink coffee, save animals and take naps” - This mug was made for animal lovers to unite - with a touch of amusement. Made in the USA with fantastic quality materials, this is surely one of the top gifts for mom 2019 - and will add a lovely laugh to your Mom for her morning (or afternoon) coffee. 

For the Mom who likes to reflect & go inward

If your momma is a special woman who is spiritual or simply likes to reflect on the world around her, these are gift ideas to help her set aside that introversion time. 

New year journal - Whether she has journaled for a long time or you have a feeling would love to start, a gorgeous diary will get her extra excited for resolutions and reflections of the new year. Another reason it can be one of the great Christmas gifts for mom, if 2019 has been a challenging year with trials for Mom, a journal - especially a guided one - may be the perfect way to help her step into 2020 with newfound hope and power. 

The best journal gifts for Mom

Meditation cushion - If your mom meditates or has talked about started, a meditation cushion is an item that takes up very little space, can be decorative AND help encourage this great practice. No wonder it’s sure to be one of the top gifts for mom 2019. Here are a few options below: 

Top meditation cushions as gifts

A wellness program or app - If Mom has been trying to work more mindfullness into her routine, consider purchasing a Meditation app for her or a day at a local retreat or meditation center. 

For the sustainability enthusiast 

If your mom is the type to reuse plastic bags and try to bring her own coffee cup to Starbucks, she’ll appreciate more gorgeous options that help her be sustainable. 

Reusable, super cute silicone straws - These straws are gorgeous pastel colours so they feel like receiving decor but are truly amazing to the envionrment in helping to eliminate plastic straws. 

(There are also collapsable, resusable straws - great for taking on the go.) 

Elegant, resuable makeup removing towels - These gorgeous all-black towels are made from Egyption cotton. They remove makeup with ease PLUS look fantastic in a bathroom vs. bright, plastic packaging of regular drugstore wipes. 

For the mom in need of self-care

Perhaps you have a mom quick to clean up, write someone a letter or do, essentially, most anything but put her self first. That’s why we recommend these goodies below that she may not have used or tried on herself before! 

Radiance (For her daily self-care routine) - Your mom may only have the basic daily toiletries, like cleanser and moisturizer. To give her an extra dose of daily pampering, this is Radiance: A revitalizing, anti-aging eye cream unlike anything else on the planet. Cruelty-free, vegan and so effective most customers are shocked after the first few weeks, this will let Mom unleash more of her inner youth and add to her pampering routine. 

Bath Bombs (For “me time” evenings) - Lush creates vegan bath bombs that are effective, good to animals AND gorgeous aesthetically. Having the bath bomb will encourage Mom to run hot water and relax after a long day. More relaxation makes this one of the top gifts for mom 2019. 

For a woman who loves to cozy up at home

If your mom is needing a pause from the madness of life - craving time to be comfy at home - here are great options. 

Seasonal candle from Mrs. Meyers - These soy candles are rooted in the holiday vibes and are made from more sustainable vegetable (Soy) wax. With scents like Apple Cider, this is perfect for soaking up the Christmas and holiday season - or keeping it going even into January!

Book of the Month Subscription Box - If Mom loves to cuddle up in her favorite chair with a good novel, show her you see and cherish her love of literature with → a book subscription box. With this, she’ll receive a new book each month to read and enjoy, including stories she may never have tried otherwise.  

For a non-item gift 

If your momma isn’t the type to want lavish gifts, maybe the great Christmas gifts for mom aren’t physical. Here are a few ideas for her: 

  • Tickets to a music show or jazz concert 
  • A membership to a wine club near her *red wine has health benefits after all!* 
  • An app for her phone she may really enjoy - Like a paid photography, meditation or game app 

Ultimately, whichever item you choose…

However you wrap the gift…

Just by sharing a gift from your heart, that already will make your present the special item that mom will cherish. 

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